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Dingen die dit jaar opvielen.

Meest geadopteerde functie

Toegekend aan de functie met de grootste "hebben gebruikt" -progressie jaar-op-jaar.

The gap property for Flexbox is such a useful addition that it's not surprising it would see a +25.4% progression in 2022

Runner ups

2. aspect-ratio: +17.9%

Most Commented Feature

Awarded to the feature which received the most comments.
With 126 comments, no other feature even came close to generating as much feedback as Subgrid.

Runner ups

2. Error: no entity found: 60

Hoogste tevredenheid

Toegekend aan de technologie met het hoogste percentage tevreden gebruikers.

Out of all the CSS-in-JS solutions, CSS Modules is the only one that maintained a sky-high 85.6% retention ratio.

Runner ups

2. Tailwind CSS: 79%
3. vanilla-extract: 78.8%

Meeste Write-Ins

Toegekend aan het item met de meeste Write-Ins
With 113 mentions, the Arc browser was the tool most mentioned in freeform questions by far.

Runner ups

2. UnoCSS: 105
3. Open Props: 68