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A legelfogadottabb funkció

Awarded to the feature with the largest year-over-year ”have used” progression.

The gap property for Flexbox is such a useful addition that it's not surprising it would see a +25.4% progression in 2022

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2. aspect-ratio: +17.9%

Most Commented Feature

Awarded to the feature which received the most comments.
With 126 comments, no other feature even came close to generating as much feedback as Subgrid.

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2. missing entity: 60
3. @container: 50

Highest Satisfaction

Awarded to the technology with the highest percentage of satisfied users.

Out of all the CSS-in-JS solutions, CSS Modules is the only one that maintained a sky-high 85.6% retention ratio.

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2. Tailwind CSS: 79%
3. vanilla-extract: 78.8%

Most Write-Ins

Awarded to the item with the most write-in answers
With 113 mentions, the Arc browser was the tool most mentioned in freeform questions by far.

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2. UnoCSS: 105
3. Open Props: 68